CBeebies/RTE Jr. 'Pablo'

52x11 min 2D live action/animation

Role: Design Supervisor

Trained all art department crew on the series art style as per the production designers guidelines/style bible. I designed and devised a workflow for the artwork assets and episode deliveries alongside the production manager and supervised the art team on the final artwork production and photoshop artwork builds for the layout and rig teams at Kavaleer. Managed the PSD files on the server whilst also keeping a log of assets for re-use, and performing quality checks on the PSD files and design packs before review by the production designer and director.


Below you will find a mixture of concept and final artwork designs which I created for the series. The production designers style for the show is illustrative, and to look and feel as if drawn by children themselves. The characters, backgrounds and props are all drawn using crayon and pencil style outlines, with added texture and colour fills. As the show is meant to look like it’s been drawn by a child, there are no advanced drawing techniques such as lighting, shading or perspective.

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