2D Animated Films

A short 2D animated montage film chronicling the adventures of a chubby skateboarding bear and his trusty pug sidekick!

A short 2D conceptual style experimental animation film exploring the effects of anxiety.

When impulsive behaviour takes a hold of us, we may end up doing something we later regret. This mini short is a comedic take on impulsivity in a natural world setting.

© 2021 Antoinette Marshall 

'AEQUORIN' is a short 2D experimental animation film currently in development. This film is a visual and scientific representation of the effects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder on the brain. Made in 'Looom' combined with 'Procreate' and a production workflow conducted in Adobe Creative Suite. Soundtrack collaboration with Katrina O'Kane (DJ Kiani). Please see below for a full synopsis.

© 2021 Antoinette Marshall